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Your body is going to need plenty of recovery time to heal from a tooth extraction. Often due to a variety of issues, a tooth may need to be pulled. Not to fret, as there are plenty of dental replacement therapies to make your smile whole once more. However, it is important to take the appropriate safety precautions to allow your mouth the adequate recovery to heal.

The most important thing you can do to care for your mouth after a pulled tooth is to set a plan in place. Typically, you should already have a treatment plan in place laid out by your dentist to ensure you rest up and prepare your mouth before and after the dental procedure. If you smoke, you should quit the bad habit at least 2 days before the extraction.

After the procedure, try to get plenty of rest and take care to avoid any strenuous exercise including running or working out at the gym. If you have any facial swelling or inflammation, use an ice pack to help. Never use any pain medications unless directed by your dentist, and if so, always use the correct dosage.

With the proper care, a pulled tooth can be a relatively easy experience with minimal recovery time. To learn more about treating your smile well, contact Wyoming Dental Specialties at 307-789-5608. Come visit Dr. Nathan Lester and our team at our office in Evanston, Wyoming by booking an appointment at your earliest convenience. We look forward to taking your smile into the future!