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Are you in need of a root canal? A root canal is a treatment exclusively used to fix or protect a tooth that has suffered irreversible damage to their pulp within the root canal of a tooth. The pulp is the life-force of a tooth, as it contains the important nerve endings, connective tissues, and blood vessels for the tooth. If the pulp becomes damaged, it will need to be removed to save the tooth.

To avoid infection to your pulp, your teeth are covered with a thin protective layer called the tooth enamel. If this tooth enamel is breached, your pulp is at risk to due to harmful bacteria. Harmful acids in your mouth created by bacteria eat through the tooth enamel. When this occurs until there is a hole down into your root canal, this is called a cavity. At this point, your pulp is susceptible to damage and infection.

Root canals can also be damaged by oral accident and injuries. If you sustain blunt trauma to your jaw or teeth, it could knock them loose and expose your pulp to the dangers of the outside world. Even if a crack in your tooth enamel is too hard to see, it is still possible for bacteria to enter through microscopic cracks and destroy your pulp, thus necessitating the use of a root canal treatment.

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