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Protect your teeth from oral health risks in all their forms. Your teeth could be damaged from oral accidents and injuries or could wear down over time due to tooth decay. No matter that hazards your mouth is faced with, there are various habits and health risks you should be aware of.

Your teeth can easily be chipped or cracked in a variety of ways. If you play contact sports or are engaged in any high-risk activities that could put your mouth and jaw in the line of a blunt trauma accident, always make sure the appropriate equipment is used. This could include mouth guards, face masks, and helmets. In addition, some foods that are overly hard and tough can crack your teeth when bitten into. Never bite directly down on a product unless you are sure it is soft. Similarly, avoid using your teeth to open products, such as soda cans and bottles.

Many bad habits we begin due to peer pressure can also destroy our teeth. This includes discoloration, gum disease, tooth decay, oral cancer, and a variety of other disorders or ailments that could come about from these habits. Proven bad habits for your oral health include using drugs and smoking or chewing tobacco. Quit these bad habits immediately so your smile has a chance to prosper for many years to come.

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