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Are you feeling pain or discomfort from your mouth and suspect that a tooth is to blame? If so, you probably have a toothache. Remedies for toothaches depend on the damage involved. If your toothache persists, you could be at a high risk for infection and serious problems not only with your teeth but your overall health.

A toothache is caused by damage to your nerve endings with your pulp. Your pulp could be damaged from blunt trauma or the breakdown of tooth enamel by cavities or other forms of enamel loss. Treating your pulp is essential to lower your chance of tooth failure associated with toothaches.

Common signs and symptoms of toothaches to look for include the length and severity of the pain you feel. If your pain lasts longer than a day, you may be at an increased risk for tooth infection beyond a minor toothache. Also look for facial swelling, facial rashes, high fevers, chills, noticeable discharge, inflammation, or the growth of an abscess. All of these are potential signs of a toothache that must be treated as soon as possible.

To prevent toothaches, make sure you are following an effective oral health care routine for a healthy smile that can last a lifetime. Dr. Nathan Lester and our team at Wyoming Dental Specialties wants you to enjoy a healthy smile.