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Root canal therapy is required for any damage that is sustained to your pulp within your root canal. If left untreated, damage to your pup will destroy your tooth and potentially inflict life-threatening disorders upon the body due to serious infections. To prevent this from occurring, and to save the tooth, a root canal therapy is needed.

The pulp within a tooth is its life force. The pulp is what keeps a tooth healthy and growing as it contains all the vital parts of a tooth, including the nerve ending, blood vessels, and connective tissues. However, a tooth can still exist in your mouth for many years if the pulp is removed via a root canal therapy, which is necessary if the pulp is damaged.

The two most common forms of damage to the pulp are from physical injury and bacterial infection. If the tooth is damaged from playing contact sports or other similar activities, it can cause a hole to form in the tooth and expose the pulp. Any chips, cracks, fractures, and splits all put the tooth at risk. In addition, whenever your tooth enamel is damaged from bacterial decay from acids, a cavity can form, exposing your pulp to outside risks.

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