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Treating your smile includes being prepared for anything that life throws your way. Although you can prepare for accidents, they still remain just that, accidents, and in most cases cannot be fully prevented. If an oral accident should occur, seek out help from your dentist as soon as possible.

Listed below are a few kinds of oral emergencies and their effective treatment plans:

Bad bites:

– If you bite your tongue and lip, wash out your wound and your mouth to ensure it is disinfected, and apply gauze until the bleeding stops or if it is deep a deep wound, stitches may be required.

Lost Tooth:

– If a tooth is knocked out, it may be possible to save it for re-insertion later by placing the tooth in a tooth-saving product, such as Save-A-Tooth or milk, and keep it saturated until you can visit your dentist to reset it back in your mouth.

Cracked Tooth:

– If you crack a tooth, excessive bleeding may occur from the wound, which you should wash out to ensure it is sterile, and then apply gauze until the bleeding stops.

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