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Although endodontics is often thought of as a separate entity within dentistry, it is actually a specialized branch within a field of oral health care. Thus, endodontists are highly trained for normal dental procedures and have received an additional two years of advanced medical training to provide endodontic treatments necessary to protect your mouth.

Endodontics refers to the focus on the pulp of a tooth and the tissues within a tooth’s root. Due to the complex nature of your pulp, it is important to make sure the endodontists are highly trained to accomplish tasks of restoring broken teeth that may have suffered pulp damage. One of the most effective forms of treatments available in dentistry today is root canal therapy.

In the United States alone, every year millions of teeth are saved through the use of treatment such as root canals. Not only can root canals prevent tooth extractions or eventual tooth loss, it is even possible for them to restore the function of a tooth for a lifetime’s worth of happiness.

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