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Following the completion of your time with braces, you will most likely need to receive an orthodontic retainer at Wyoming Dental Specialties to maintain the position of your teeth and keep your new smile looking beautiful. Orthodontic retainers maintain the dental alignment to prevent relapse while there is still tension in the periodontal ligaments. Caring for a retainer is necessary to maintain its proper fit and help you keep your smile looking great.

While your retainer may not be a permanent fixture in your smile as braces are, they still need to be worn for a certain amount of time, and it’s important that they receive proper care to prevent any damage that could result in wearing a retainer longer. With daily care and proper cleaning, you will only need to wear your retainer as often as advised by the orthodontist.

At Wyoming Dental Specialties, we offer Hawley retainers comprised of custom-molded acrylic that stick inside your mouth through the use of interlocking wires. This type of retainer can be taken out for proper cleaning.

Whenever the retainer is not being worn or cleaned, it should be stored safely in its case so that it can’t become lost or broken. By making a habit of taking your case wherever you go, you can pull it out when needed and not have to worry about using a napkin or plastic bag. Use a soft toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste to brush your retainer twice a day and remove residual plaque from the material. You can also submerge your retainer in cold water mixed with antiseptic mouthwash to keep it fresh.

To learn more about proper care for an orthodontic retainer in Evanston, Wyoming, contact our office at 307-789-5608 today to schedule a visit with our orthodontist, Dr. Jared Brown.