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If you have a missing tooth, then you need to consider replacing it. This is because replacing your tooth can help you, your smile and your oral health in a myriad of ways. If you don’t replace your tooth, you could suffer the consequences, like misaligned teeth and other dental issues. So, it’s best to replace your tooth as soon as you can. Fortunately, dental implants can help!

Dental implants are top-of-the-line dental restorations that can replace your missing tooth, fill the gap in your smile and even replace your tooth root. To help your smile and oral health, you doctors will first place a titanium post in the bone socket of the missing tooth. Then, you will need to wait for the bone to heal around the post and secure it in place. After the healing takes place, our doctors will attach an abutment piece to the post. Next, your regular dentist will craft a perfect dental crown for your smile. When it’s ready, your dentist will place it over the abutment and fill the gap in your smile.

Dental implants are quite beneficial. In fact, they can improve your appearance, speech, comfort, oral health and even self-esteem. They can also make eating easier and give you the durability and convenience you need in a dental restoration.

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