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Common signs of a tooth infection include tooth sensitivity, a bad toothache, pain when using the tooth, discolored tooth enamel and swollen and tender gums that have a pimple that doesn’t go away. If you have noticed tooth infection symptoms affecting your smile, we would be happy to discuss how root canal therapy can stop the tooth from being infected.

The first step in root canal therapy is to clean the inner tooth structure and remove the dental pulp to eliminate the infection. After sealing the tooth roots, we can cover the tooth with a custom dental crown so that the remaining structure is protected. If severe tooth infection is not treated, the tooth may need to be removed completely.

Your tooth may need root canal therapy if it has suffered dental trauma, tooth decay or several dental procedures that left the tooth vulnerable and with a high risk of infection. Bacteria that affects the inner pulp that houses the nerves and connective tissues could eventually result in tooth abscess and lead to further oral health issues such as drainage problems, holes in the tooth, bone loss and swelling.

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