Maintaining Good Periodontal Health Starts with a Consistent Oral Hygiene Routine

Your periodontal tissues play several important roles in the overall health and function of your mouth. Not only do they help hold your teeth in place, but your gums also appear in your smile. Periodontal health problems like gingivitis and other forms of gum disease can cause discomfort and lead to other oral health problems…. Read more »

The Basics of Tooth Extraction

It may be necessary at some point in time to extract one, or perhaps more of your teeth. Extraction may be needed if one of your teeth has been damaged by an accident, or by disease to the point that it is no longer viable. If that is the case, your dentist will also discuss… Read more »

Principles Concerning Invisalign®

Invisalign® orthodontic aligners systems are modified to straighten your teeth with a revolutionary new type of clear aligner system that is metal-free and nearly invisible to even your closest friends and peers. Not only can Invisalign help you achieve a straighter smile, you can do so without all the stigma often linked to the look… Read more »

A Word About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, unfortunately, don’t get their name because they bring you greater wisdom. Actually, they got that name because they usually come in when people are in their late teens or early twenties. If increased brain power is not one of the symptoms of wisdom teeth, what are some of the symptoms? If your wisdom… Read more »

What is a Root Canal and Do I Need One?

Patients hear the phrase “root canal” and they often automatically fear the worst.  Root canals have gotten a bad reputation over the years, but the truth is that a root canal is often needed to save an infected tooth, and promote overall oral health. If left untreated, you could experience pain in the area, and… Read more »

How to Properly Restore Your Oral Health Following Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If you’re about to undergo wisdom tooth surgery in , , good for you! You’re about to improve your oral health. Now remember: after your treatment, it’s important to properly recover. Otherwise, you can experience complications that can harm your smile. To help you recover, Drs. Stosich, Viehweg, Brown, and Walker have some helpful tips… Read more »

Treating Your Smile Includes Being Prepared for Anything

Treating your smile includes being prepared for anything that life throws your way. Although you can prepare for accidents, they still remain just that, accidents, and in most cases cannot be fully prevented. If an oral accident should occur, seek out help from your dentist as soon as possible. Listed below are a few kinds… Read more »

Are You Ready for Your Tooth Extraction?

Are you ready for your tooth extraction? As with most dental treatments, you should plan ahead and take the necessary steps to ensure the optimal recovery time is possible. The more you are prepared, the better off the recovery will be. With tooth extractions, it’s important to prepare your style for any changes that may… Read more »

The Answers You Need About Endodontic Therapy

If you have a root canal treatment quickly approaching, you must have a lot of questions. Well, you are not alone and you’ve come to the right place to find out more. Root canal treatment, which is also known as endodontic therapy, is a beneficial treatment that can restore your oral health and repair your… Read more »

Causes That Require Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is required for any damage that is sustained to your pulp within your root canal. If left untreated, damage to your pup will destroy your tooth and potentially inflict life-threatening disorders upon the body due to serious infections. To prevent this from occurring, and to save the tooth, a root canal therapy… Read more »